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Special Thanks


Particular thanks go to former players Peter Smith, Jon Chin, and Geoff Lamotte for helping us retrace our past. Thanks also to Kalpana Ramakrishnan, Alex Shebanow, and coach Mike Davey for creating this website.


W/L - 10/15

6-6 in league

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Updated: 2/5/16

Saratoga Falcons

Welcome to the Saratoga Boys Varsity Basketball Website. The Main purpose of this site is to keep people informed about the team's progress throughout the course of the season and maintain Saratoga Basketball's history.


At Saratoga we strive to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to develop and display a wide variety of talents. Basketball players learn teamwork, the importance of preparation, discipline, effort, and how to win and lose with dignity. Our basketball program, we believe, contributes greatly to the effectiveness of our overall mission of helping prepare students for adulthood. The outstanding individual people that the alumni have become represent this belief. This page will update you on the current boys season